‚ÄčI am a artist through and through.  I grew up in a small town and of modest surroundings.  I learned to create art from a young age.  I used scrap wood, nails, and other items to create art as gifts for people.  I loved giving people something I created.  This love has grown into much more.

Years passed and I learned to weld.  I welded structural items, but always found scraps to make into art. My love is still to re-purpose items to create unique pieces. Today, I am increasing my designs into meaningful home exterior/interior art, as well as functional art.  

My family loves to be involved in this process.  My wife of 15 years helps inspire me.  My two (2) children love to be creative with me.  I hope they continue this way of self expression with me.

One day, my youthful boyhood dream will turn into my reality.  One day, I will no longer spend my free time making things I love.  One day, I will be working for myself and producing art on my time.